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Wine Legends specialise in South Australian wine experiences

that aim to educate, stimulate and enhance your future wine sharing experiences

Ancestral Vines & Ancient Wines

There are some seriously old vines in the Barossa. Way back in the 1800’s settlers planted vines from cuttings brought over on ships in wet hessian sacks – they’ve not only survived 2 world wars & global warming but thanks to the non proliferation of phylloxera* in Australia, they are the oldest continuously producing Vitis Vinifera grape vines in the world.

Emerging Talent

Our Emerging Talent Wine Tour will excite you with new wine styles, lateral winemaking and different takes on fruit source and terroir. There is some serious innovation happening that is centred around minimal intervention, wild yeast creations and the occasional ‘let it ride’ method.

It’s a Long Way To The Top

The Long Way To The Top Tour aims to showcase those wine producers in the Barossa Valley that have stuck it through thick and thin and are producing some fantastic (but underrated) wines in the region – the kind of folk who walk past you in the airport after a tough gig selling their stories in board rooms and dining rooms across the globe.

Western Ridge Dwellers

The Western Ridge Dwellers tour is a tour of discovery of the wine producers and cellar doors in this unique pocket of the Barossa with it’s mineral soils and harsh micro climate (often referred to locally as ‘the desert’) but also unique styles. The people out on the ridge are hard working types that face a very different part of the Barossa that we aim to show you.

Trust The Mark

You may have noticed this bright red mark on products in the Barossa Valley – the Barossa Trust Mark.

Founded on Origin, Integrity, Quality, Environment and Community it is awarded to food, tourism and wine products.

In this experience we aim to show you the best producers that have earned a BTM so you too can ‘Trust The Mark’.

Mixed Bag

So you’re finding it hard to choose one of my custom wine experiences?

Why not try a ‘Mixed Bag’ Wine Legends experience? You can let me know what you would like from each of the current experiences and I will curate a personalised tour just for you.

Just like a party mix of lollies a ‘mixed bag’ makes a perfect gift or surprise for that certain someone who likes the best of everything.


Wine Legends specialise in South Australian wine experiences

that aim to educate, stimulate and enhance your future wine sharing experiences


Wine Legends is born from a concept from owner & operator Ben Shillito - discovering Wine Legends and sharing their stories to make wine buying all that more interesting.


Want to discover new wines or learn more about wines in South Australia? Save yourself some time and come along with an expert from Wine Legends.


Every Wine Legends tour is always a unique experience - you will be there to create your own memories and moments that you will remember and share with your friends.


Wine Legends is a local South Australian based wine tour business - we are passionate about our wine experiences and here to show you the best of what South Australian wine regions have offer.